Do your approaches to advertising involve the use of sticky notes? To use sticky notes means taking advantage of a major opportunity to draw attention and entice people to your product and services, brand or occasion.

Sticky notes are also known as popper ads and front page notes. They are sticker ads that can be repositioned and work in a similar manner to Post-it notes. They are usually found in catalogues and enclosures, direct mail parts, journals and newspapers. With the repositionable adhesive features of sticky notes they can be stuck onto, removed and re-stuck anywhere.

It could be on a laptop, the dashboard of a car, a calendar or any other preferred place the customer wants as a prompt to the advertiser’s communication.  The actual use of sticky notes, nevertheless, is in their functions. There are a couple of ways you can benefit from the use of sticky notes.


A General Rundown

Sticky notes have existed for a long time and in spite of digital communications being on the rise, its importance, particularly in the study and office areas, is still huge. Talk about the organization; it helps you to arrange yourself, your household, study area and place of work . The use of sticky notes is unlimited; it can be in the fridge reminding you to buy milk or even for your electronics labelling the cable clutters behind your computer or television.When you think about advertising anything at all, you can use sticky notes. It is projected that over 20 billion sticky notes are manufactured on a yearly basis and the bulk of them are found in newspapers, particularly on the front page.

Sticky notes normally come in a ‘3 by 3’ square shape; nevertheless, the shapes can be designed into a star, apple, circle or house to be more attractive. Being able to move and shift sticky notes to anywhere or position makes it beneficial to everyone, the publisher, advertiser and reader inclusive. At least it enables the reader to save the sticky notes for a subsequent use. Sticky notes can come as sticky labels, occasional product labels and even address labels.

This makes it easy to give it that festive and personal touch to whatever that you decide to make or send to somebody in a festive period. With this general rundown, one can begin to consider how these sticky notes help with the business advertisement.


Why Is Sticky Note A Captivating Option?
Advertisers make use of different means to communicate to the world, but some types of advertisements are often not noticed when compared to others. When it comes to the one that is least possibly ignored, Goo Technologies and Harris Interactive in an advertising study picked the newspaper ad. Newspaper ads come in different forms, but their results and outcomes are not the same.

Sticky notes get a better result than the conventional newspaper as its recall rates are better because it makes use of designs and placements that are direct, reaching the readers at once. In a 2012 study, RAM (Research Analysis of Media) discovered that front page notes have a general recall of 60 percent.

If a coupon sticky note is used, recall rose to 65 percent.

Given big circulation rates, a 5 percent increase in recall could turn to a big increase in sales. RAM also discovered that 23 percent of those that read the note visited or contacted the advertiser and18 percent of them made a purchase.  

In instances that the sticky note came as a coupon, those that visited the advertiser increased to 33 percent – a growth of 43.5 percent.

It doesn't just end there, apart from coupon sticky notes increasing recall and visitations, RAM found that they raised purchases from 18 to 29 percent making it a 61.1 percent increase. There is no doubt that when it comes to newspaper ads, sticky notes together with coupons have a far better chance of yielding a better return.

What Makes Sticky Notes The Option For You?

It depends on the message you intend to pass and who your targeted audiences are. For example, if you are targeting primary home shoppers, like parents, the use of sticky notes is ideal. On the other hand, if you are targeting young adults, sticky notes might not be ideal because they hardly read print newspapers like the older generations. When you are sure that you can use sticky notes as an advertising strategy that can effectively pass your message and reach your target audience, then you need to make a design next.

Sticky notes usually comprise of various components:
• Logo/drawing
• Shape and material
• Contact details
• Call-to-action

A call-to-action that is good has to be an understandable and succinct activity or task that the readers should undertake.  It could be the use of a coupon, to attend an event or to get a consultation for free. To be able to fine-tune your ad copy you will need the skills and expertise of your marketing and sales group. For the authentic design, you need to work with an expert label designer so that they can assist you with the colour combination, layout and graphics.

This will make your sticky notes to be very unique.

There is always a network of label designers you can reach out to for their assistance. However, you should note that customized printed sticky notes require special areas of expertise hence, not every label printing companies are capable of producing it for you. Check here for the best online shop to buy sticker labels.

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